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Past District Governors Association of MD-35
PDG Officers

2013-2014 PDG Association Officers

Norma Jean Andrews, PDG

1st Vice President
Roger Messer, PDG

2nd Vice President
Suzy Stathas, PCC

3rd Vice President
Robert Moser, PDG

Donna K. Spencer, PCC

Lois Q. Malecky, PDG

Tail Twister
Estelle Clark, PDG

Immediate Past President
Jacqueline "Jackie" Cameron, PCC


The Past District Governors Association of MD-35 was formed to foster the Lions Code of Ethics and to carry on the Motto “WE SERVE”.

It's purpose is to work within the Constitution and By-Laws of the International Association of Lions Clubs and that of Multiple District 35; to strengthen Lionism within our Multiple District; and to foster the continued friendship and fellowship among the leaders of Lionism.

It's mission is to give support, not only to the seated District Governors, but also individually in their Districts. This support comes in several places.

Education: To aid in educating the Lions of the District and Multiple District in all aspects of Lionism.
Motivation: To help in motivating the Lions of Multiple District 35 is all aspects of growth, leadership and retention all with the emphasis of the precepts of Lionism.
Unity: To ensure that all Lions continue to rally in support of the programs and projects and entities of MD-35.
Socialization: To continue a program of gatherings with a social atmosphere that those of us who have gone through the toils of being a District Governor can relate to.

These five points; Support, Unity, Motivation, Education and Socialization should be the guide for all Past District Governors as they continue to represent Lionism in their District and Multiple District.


The office of Past District Governor carries with it great honor and respect. To have been chosen by his fellow Lions as District Governor to lead his District in the Lions Code of Ethics and its Objects in Lionism, is proof that they consider him or her to have met all the conditions of the Code in the highest standards of service to mankind. However, to have been so honored carries with it a great responsibility. Not only must he serve his District well during his term as District Governor, but he or she has the responsibility of continuing to help to keep Lionism strong. A Past District Governor is looked upon with a lot of respect not only by other Lions within his own Club, but also by Lions throughout the world.

To deserve this honor and respect, he must continue to be a leader in his own club, setting the example for new Lions. He must be willing to serve on Committees and as Officer of other Lions sponsored Organizations within the Multiple District. The Past District Governor is also expected to be willing to serve in other areas of responsibilities as may be assigned to him by the current District Governor. He or she must be willing to help with Lions Service Projects on the local, District, and Multiple District level. Among his or her many other responsibilities, he or she is expected to be willing to visit and speak to other Clubs on such topics as Membership Development, Extension, Fund Raising, etc. Any Club President may call on any Past District Governor in his area to help him with any problem within his Club, or with any Club Project. Being a Past District Governor is a highly honored position and should not be taken lightly.

Note: The PDG Association of MD-35 roster is available by special request only, contact the webmaster and your request will be forwarded those able to those who can honor your request.