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Awards Are Rewards Of Service
All Award Forms Have Been Updated for 2014-2015

Lions do not serve others in order to receive financial rewards. The rewards they seek are less tangible, but no less real. Their rewards lie in the satisfaction of helping people in need; improving numerous communities; acquiring leadership skills; associating with professional, business and government leaders; and in making loyal and lifelong friends.

While we are not members of this wonderful organization for the awards, we do however recognize that they are designed for several reasons:

In this atmosphere, several are awarded within our Multiple District and it's Sub-Districts. We encourage every Lions Club and every Member to become familiar with them and obtain as many as they are comfortable.

Should you need forms posted here or on the Lions Clubs International website you will need to download a pdf viewer. We recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher. The reader is free and available for download by clicking the Get Adobe Reader button below.

Anchor Award

Anchor Award Application Form

The purpose of the Anchor Award is to provide recognition for the “Grass Roots Lions” who are the anchors and stability of our association. The goal is to eliminate the dropouts by recognizing these Lions who put out special effort at the Club Level.

All Lions will be eligible for this award who have put in at least 125 hours or more of service in any recognized Lion activity, except the following Lions: Current Club Presidents, Secretaries, Zone Chairs, District Officers, Committee Chairs, and Past District Governor’s, Past Vice District Governor’s and current or past International Officers or Directors.

Millard B. Conklin Crusader for Lionism Award

Millard B. Conklin Crusader for Lionism Award

The Millard B. Conklin Crusader for Lionism Award is designed to encourage participation of "Grass Root" Lions in each district and club and to select one from each district to be rewarded for outstanding dedication and contributions for their current calendar year efforts made to Lionism, and to be presented for a District award. The Multiple District Award is presented to the Multiple District winner from among those district winners.

Governors Achievement Award

Governors Achievement Award (Florida)

Governors Achievement Award(Transfers)

Governors Achievement Award(Bahamas)

This award is available to NEW MEMBERS ONLY (including transfers to Multiple District 35) in their first year of membership beginning with their induction. It is designed to assist the new member to become oriented in the activities and purposes of Lionism. Each sponsor has the duty to assist the new member in the pursuit of these accomplishments.

The Club Membership Chair should receive the completed applications for certification to the Club's President, who, after his approval, shall send them to the District Chair.

Dr. Walter H. Campbell Pilot Award

Dr. Walter H. Campbell Pilot Award

The Dr. Walter H. Campbell Pilot Award is designed to recognize a Past District Governor in each of the Districts and a Past District Governor in the Multiple District, with this prestigious award for their outstanding efforts, dedication and contributions during the preceding calendar year on behalf of Lionism.

Golden Chain Award

Golden Chain Award (Florida)

Golden Chain Award (Bahamas)

Multiple District - District - Club Bulletin Contest Rules

Club Bulletin Contest

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